Among my favorite pieces from Engineered Garments are their seasonal sweatshirts. I’ve collected quite a few over the years in all sorts of different materials and colors, and they continue to hold up well to constant wear. The large cuffs and waistbands are vintage inspired, and on the crewnecks instead of a typical stitched “V”, the collar uses an ingenious overlapping seam along the front to prevent it from being stretched out.

Except for some earlier versions which had very short sleeves, they fit how a sweatshirt should fit – not too slim, but not too loose.

There are two sources of manufacturers for these: the plain cotton sweatshirts above were all made in the U.S, and the fleece versions below were made in Canada (reportedly by CYC edit: Ryan tells me some other folks make them).

I’m hoping that they’ll eventually reissue more plain cotton versions so that I can replace some of my older dog-eared ones. Stuart and Wright currently have a few crewnecks left from the current season on sale.