They arrived today, straight from Tres Bien. They’re solid boots and will be great for pairing with heavier wool trousers and denim in about another month or so.

When I first saw pictures of these I was worried that the leather quality would be inferior, but it turns out that it is actually decent. With proper care they should hold up pretty well and overall I’m happy with them.

Above, sturdy leather soles and combination heels. The 360 degree welt design where the leather uppers meet the soles is usually referred to as a storm welt, though it’s purely decorative and does not help in water resistance.

Top view of the toe box areas. The mismatched leathers are very subtle, and someone would have to be paying very close attention to notice it.

The only negatives I could find were the cheap feeling pull tabs and some poor finishing on the inside of the boots though neither detract from the overall construction.

Engineered Garments – the Mark McNairy logo is embossed underneath.

The regular longwings are tempting now…