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Climbing the Alps in the 1940′s

Scans from “Images D’Escalades,” a collection of mountaineering pictures covering climbs in the Alps – most of them were taken by André Roch, who was both a well respected climber and avalanche expert. I could not find any specific date for when it was published, but some years listed with a few of the climbs [...]

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Boxing Day Hunts

The first images from today’s Boxing Day hunts over in England are starting to show up on flickr and other news sources, with strong turnouts being reported all over the country: Grafton Hunt Boxing Day 2011, by James Rudd Bicester And Whaddon Boxing Day Hunt 2011, by Peter Greenway Country Pursuits, by Carol F I [...]

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The Distant Music of the Hounds

Skimming through a new book of E.B. White quotations led me to a short essay he wrote about Christmas, which is luckily available online in The New Yorker’s archive section: To perceive Christmas through its wrapping becomes more difficult with every year. There was a little device we noticed in one of the sporting-goods stores [...]

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The Aran Islands – Another World

My first introduction to the Aran Islands was through the photography of Bill Doyle. Doyle, who passed away last year at the age of 85, was often referred to as Ireland’s Cartier-Bresson and had a knack for artfully capturing the scenes of the world around him. During his trips to the islands, he was able [...]

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Game Day

Vintage football photography via the Library of Congress (largely from a collection that came from the Chicago Daily News).

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La France Travaille – The Seafarers

Published during the early 1930′s to highlight the various trades and professions in France, La France Travaille captures a snapshot of time with photography and essays by a number of noteworthy French writers. There were over a dozen volumes created, and I’ve managed to gather most of them over the past several years – the [...]

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Hearty Meals for Fall

My favorite season brings my favorite dishes and it’s now time for squashes, chanterelles, slow roasts, and Dogfish Punkin Ale. While I’m always learning new recipes and techniques, there are a set of meals that I routinely make which I’ve pulled from my two main cooking inspirations: Thomas Keller’s cookbooks and Le Pichet, a local [...]

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Classe Tous Risques

With help from Criterion I’ve been on a Belmondo kick lately, even watching Pierrot le Fou, a seemingly bizarre art film that I still have not figured out. Classe Tous Risques was much more approachable however, and is a nice bridge between film noir and old gang films. Common for stories of this type, it [...]

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19th Century British Military Uniforms

Plate scans from British Military Uniforms by James Laver, published in 1948.

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The Bespoke Driving Suit

Photographer and author Lara Platman recently posted an interesting gallery of pictures showing Marek Reichman being fitted for a vintage inspired driving suit made by Henry Poole & Co. The jacket and matching plus fours are definitely unusual, as are the details you can see built into the jacket, but they will not be out [...]

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