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Making of Le Mans

A 14 minute video for your Saturday afternoon.

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Dryden’s Test Pilots

Based out of Edwards AFB, the Dryden Flight Test Center has been the home of some of the world’s top aircraft since the 1940′s. Along with the history of the planes hosted there, NASA has a great collection of pictures capturing the personalities of the test pilots who flew them. More reading: Wikipedia, Great Images [...]

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Spending too much time in photo archives, I would often come across prints that looked like duplicates, like this famous picture of Mark Twain or this one of Roosevelt in Yellowstone. I did not think much of them, assuming that was just an industry standard that photographers used back then for copies – I learned [...]

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Manzanar Photographed by Ansel Adams

Two articles over the past month introduced me to a collection of photographs that Ansel Adams donated to the Library of Congress documenting life at Manzanar, one of the internment camps used by the U.S. government during WW2 to imprison Japanese Americans. The first was in the Seattle Times highlighting an exhibit by the Bainbridge [...]

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Belltown’s Popsicle

If you find yourself going north through downtown Seattle on 4th Ave, you will eventually pass by this: The giant popsicle will make you smile every time and is one of the few nice things to see in Belltown. Some background reading on the sculpture (it showed up early this summer, and at first nobody [...]

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Mapping the Pacific Coast

There is a great collection of old maps available for viewing online at Mapping the Pacific Coast. The background: The maps and illustrations in the Quivira Collection date from 1540 to 1802, a span of 260 years or so. These dates also bracket a period of history unprecedented for the general expansion of knowledge and [...]

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Ebbets Field Flannels

Now working out of Pioneer Square, I’ve taken an interest in exploring more of the quiet parts of the neighborhood beyond 1st Avenue and on one of the side streets just north of the stadiums I found the store for Ebbets Field Flannels – the maker of historical reproduction sports jerseys, hats, and jackets. I [...]

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Our National Game

Also now on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum is a small baseball themed collection under the title of Our National Game. Pieces from Douglas Tilden, Normal Rockwell, and Jacob Lawrence are included, along with a selection of rare photography and print memorabilia. The exhibit itself is fairly small, but is worth looking at if [...]

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American Art in the Age of Exploration

Now on display at the Seattle Art Museum, Beauty & Bounty is a new exhibit showing American artwork from the 19th and 20th centuries including pieces by Albert Bierstadt, John Frederick Kensett, and Sanford Robinson Gifford. Members of the Hudson River School movement, they glorified the natural landscapes of the country through a romanticist view [...]

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The Quintessential Utility Vehicle

Land Rover – the maintenance headache that is loved by many. Fans have taken to flickr for sharing images of the countless variants, and some of my favorite shots are from one of Land Rover’s own groups.

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