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Tag: Ads

The Stetson Slant Hat

A vintage ad from 1940. In another one, they described it as a hat with the “crown slopped rakishly”.


The Grownup’s Hour

Some gems on martinis and family life from an old ad for Beefeater Gin:

Martini men know that the martini can be an ideal introduction to rational discourse among family and friends. Sophisticated diners claim it is the one drink that whets the appetite and prepares the palate for great things to follow…

The great martini, experts agree, is drunk quietly, among friends…

Let the head of the house assume the responsibility for the martini. You can, of course, get someone else to do it – a paid hand on a yacht, a butler if you possess one…

Summon the children just before you mix the martini. Announce to them that it is now grownup’s hour – and they are to pursue their play elsewhere. The martini hour is for those who are going to drink martinis.

It somehow seems appropriate for 1965. Click the image below to see the large version.

Keep It Under Your Stetson

Under a “Keep it under your Stetson” campaign, the company created a number of ads during World War 2 that were very much in line with other slogans used at the time: “Let’s bring him home quicker!”, “Loose Talk Can Cost Lives!”, “Idle Words Make Busy Subs!”. They also offered a number of “freedom” inspired models for both men and women.

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Sanforized Trademark Ads

Up until 1930, fabric shrinking was a real problem for any clothing you bought. Then sanforization came along, which is a patented process for shrinking the fabric yarns back down to their original size after they’re woven. Developed by Sanford L. Cluett, it became one of the most important innovations in textile technology of the 20th century.

After its creation, the term “sanforized” was trademarked and heavily advertised for several decades – like most companies, they went through different phases of ads and during the 50’s they used comics.

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