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Tag: Best Made Company

A Practical Axe Manual

For those of you who might have purchased one of those fancy axes from Best Made Co. or Gränsfors and need some tips on how to use it properly, check out this manual written for the USDA Forest Service. It covers axe history, safety, sharpening, and chopping techniques.

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Weekly Roundup

Some things from last week that you might have missed if you’re not following me on twitter:

– Shorpy has put together a fun gallery of digitally colorized black and white photos. Pictured above, Birth of the American Flag – and the original version.

Legion, Coggles, Blackbird, Mohawk, and Stuart & Wright have started their seasonal sales.

– End Clothing has posted some pictures from their Pitti buying trip. Includes some peeks at next year’s collections from Engineered Garments, Yuketen, Nigel Cabourn, and more.

– From the NYTimes, there’s a good profile on the man behind Best Made Co. and an opinion piece on the wimp effect in men’s fashion.

– Billy Reid needs a new pair of shoes.

Hickory, Steel, & Sex Appeal (Axes)

Best Made Company just put up their new line of hatchets for sale (and here I was just recently thinking of how nice it would be if they made some). I’ve ordered one and will post my thoughts on it after I give it some use.

I also just skimmed through their owner’s manual [pdf], and was amused by this piece of wisdom:

When your friends and family see how proud you are of your new axe, there is little doubt that they themselves will want one. They may even ask if they can borrow yours. By all means, do not say yes. It has been our experience that once an item is lent to someone else—even a family member—it never returns in the same condition, if it returns at all.

So very true.

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