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Progressive Clothing Denim

S2W8’s store blog has some pictures of a new pair of jeans from Engineered Garments’ smaller Progressive Clothing line. Made in NYC, various types of Cone Mills denim are arranged in a way to make them look like old school four panel “fun” shirts and pants. Even the selvage edges have different colored threads.

Last year, the only known pieces under the Progressive Clothing line were the suit jacket, pants, and shorts made by Southwick.

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Engineered Garments Sweatshirts

Among my favorite pieces from Engineered Garments are their seasonal sweatshirts. I’ve collected quite a few over the years in all sorts of different materials and colors, and they continue to hold up well to constant wear. The large cuffs and waistbands are vintage inspired, and on the crewnecks instead of a typical stitched “V”, the collar uses an ingenious overlapping seam along the front to prevent it from being stretched out.

Except for some earlier versions which had very short sleeves, they fit how a sweatshirt should fit – not too slim, but not too loose.

There are two sources of manufacturers for these: the plain cotton sweatshirts above were all made in the U.S, and the fleece versions below were made in Canada (reportedly by CYC edit: Ryan tells me some other folks make them).

I’m hoping that they’ll eventually reissue more plain cotton versions so that I can replace some of my older dog-eared ones. Stuart and Wright currently have a few crewnecks left from the current season on sale.

Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

The Engineered Garments lookbook for FW10 is now available online, along with the images for the FWK collection. The bike messenger inspired pieces are very surprising and would be perfect for a tweed run.

The more newer interesting stuff:
– Hartford 3/4 pants, bike knicker shorts, utility pants
– Explorer jacket, Ashfield jacket, fireman shirt jacket, bike jacket, storm parka
– Fedora with ear flaps

The belts with the sterling silver buckles are back as well.

Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2010 1 Read more

Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

Houyhnhnm has a preview of some of the new Bedford jackets in the Engineered Garments Fall/Winter collection, one in a variated knit pattern and the other in a windowpane fabric.

Also – I missed this from earlier this year, but the Non-No guys seem to have gotten a shot of the new leather jackets (below on the right). On the left is a blanket lined parka and a blue quilted vest.

Hopefully the lookbook for the full collection will be released publicly soon, and we can probably expect that they’ll start shipping things within the next month or two.

Update: Nepenthes has updated their site with a new journal for this week showing a few more items including a nice plaid workshirt (the pattern is much more wearable than the bright ones from last year) and a new corduroy Irving vest.


Update 2: The Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook is now out.

Linen Caps


Nepenthes Summer Looks

Some older looks from nepenthes.co.jp. They changed the format of this section recently, and it’s not as good as it used to be.


Stars And Stripes D-Ring Belt

With Oi Polloi’s recent sale, the USA flag patterned belt from Engineered Garments that I’ve been eyeing all season came down to a price that I was willing to pay for and it arrived just yesterday afternoon, only six days after placing the order. It’s a really fun piece and the webbing and leather tips seem like they’re high quality.

Made in the USA. I wonder who the manufacturer is?

Note that Oi Polloi’s measurements for the belt are off on their website (the large I have is actually 47″ as opposed to the 43.5″ that it is listed), and I probably could have gone with a medium instead. Tucking the end in will do just fine however.

They still have a full size run of these available – if you order one right now, it might just get to you in time for the 4th of July.

Summer Madras

A vintage Paul Stuart tie with a linen fedora and pocket square from Engineered Garments. When I have the time later, I’ll take a few more shots of the tie which has an exceptionally thick lining – they sure don’t make them like this anymore.

Très Bien at Pitti Uomo

The guys at Très Bien have uploaded photos from their recent buying trip to Pitti Uomo – check out the set on flickr and get some sneak peaks at spring/summer collections from Engineered Garments, Nigel Cabourn, Mark McNairy, and more.


Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

Pitti Uomo has kicked off today and news about the Spring/Summer 2011 collections are already starting to come in. Khabi Mirza, who runs Fashion Buyer UK, posted a short interview with Daiki Suzuki on what we can expect for next year:

A. I’ve combined military themes with a folky look in places. There are aslo references to the 1980s through cotton dobbie patterns on shirts and ties, alongside floral prints and ethnic patterns. At Engineered Garments we like to combine contrasting patterns and this season we have tonal blue ethnic embroidered jackets over dobbie patterned shirts combined with checked ties. You can put conflicting patterns together as long as there is a sense of balance.

A.Shapes are still slim fitting on jackets although the lengths are just slightly longer than usual. Leg shapes on trousers are not super slim and neither are they too wide. And, on shirts our styling remains narrow and slim-fitting.

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