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Best Socks of the Season

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Seattle, and I’ve begun to start rotating in my cold weather clothing. Among my favorite accessories of the season are my vintage inspired J.Crew camp socks, which are made in the USA with heavy cotton and some poly materials for added strength.

I’ve always purchased a few pairs every year since they first introduced them, thinking that it would be good to have backups just in case holes start to develop in my worn pairs, but as of yet none have done so. All they need to do now is to make versions of these in wool.


Review: J.Crew’s Wool-Jersey Roll Necks

I ordered one of these not long after they went on sale online, hoping that it would be decent enough for a budget roll neck to layer with for the season. The fit is the same as their other sweaters, but the wool-jersey blend that they’re using for this is pretty uncomfortable, and not even in a regular lambswool kind of way.

My recommendation: don’t buy, and splurge on something nicer instead.


J.Crew New Fall Arrivals

J.Crew has started to roll out some more goods for fall on its website: highlights include the Crescent Down Works vest, chamois shirts, tweed sport coats, plenty of interesting knitwear, and a pricey watch cap from Mister Freedom.

Update: I just tried to put an order through for the navy tweed sportcoat and they’re already out of stock in my size. Why does it feel like I continually run into inventory problems with J.Crew? It’s even worse in their retail stores.

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J.Crew’s New Flap-Pocket Oxfords

Now available in stores as part of their fall-rollout. The fabric is pretty soft and I first thought that there was some wool in it, but nope, all cotton. Hopefully they’ll have some more in other colors later, I could definitely go for one with blue stripes.

J.Crew Flap Pocket Oxford Read more

J.Crew’s New Arrivals for Fall

J.Crew’s fall rollout has begun and they updated their website last night with new arrivals. Most of it is expected basics, but there are a few interesting gems: a denim western shirt, copies of Take Ivy, printed Hill-Side pocket squares, and socks from Saint James. The footwear lineup is also becoming more impressive, with new models from Alden and Russell Moccasins.

Except for the crepe soles, these remind me a bit of the roughout boots worn by some servicemen during WW2.

Silver Slide Buckles

It needs a good polishing, but I finally got around to getting a new belt for this sterling silver slide buckle that I’ve had lying around unused for the past few years. Made in England like the best of them, it was purchased from J.Crew of all places back when they attempted to sell a small selection of high end goods under their own name. An engraving will come next.

Below, an example of one being worn from Ralph Lauren. These types of buckles are usually very small (about an 1″ or so in height), but they provide a nice visual break for your clothing when worn. The other benefit to these is that the leather straps can be easily switched out with other colors/materials.

A few buckle options available to purchase online:
Sid Mashburn, $175. Also available in a lesser expensive brass.
Brooks Brothers, $228.
Tiffany & Co, $215.
Ralph Lauren, $150.

Both Brooks Brothers and Sid Mashburn sell the needed 1″ leather belt straps.

Frank Muytjens in Menswear Magazine

The newly resurrected Menswear magazine has an interview with Frank Muytjens. Here are some excerpts, questions by Jean E. Palmieri:

How do you come up with novelty, given the inherent limits of men’s wear?
Men’s wear is almost like a framework. All the shapes are there and you can tweak them, but you have to keep it understandable. You want a guy to recognize it. There are only so elements you can play with. That’s a challenge, but it’s also what I find interesting.

Which artists inspire you?
Many. [Constantin] Brancusi, Fairfield Porter – he’s a great American painter. The Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen – I love his clean lines. The photography of Irving Penn… I also look at nature. I love the California coast – Big Sur, Muir Woods. I’ve always been a bit of an outdoorsy guy, and that translates well [in my designs]. Nothing is too precious or too elegant – there should always be a tougher, masculine edge to it.

Who are your style icons?
They’re all dead, but I love Montgomery Clift and how he dressed, Jacques Cousteau’s striped Ts, The Clash, and Brancusi – he had great style. With people like this, it seemed more genuine, less thought out. There were no hair and makeup people. It’s hard to see personal style anymore.

What’s up next?
For fall, we have Crescent Down Works and Russell Moccasins. [Russell’s] factory is about as big as this room, and their process has been in place for such a long time now. It makes me appreciate the craftmanship even more because you know what’s behind it.

On a side note, the first issue of Menswear is pretty decent and has some interesting profiles on several different designers and companies along with current industry trends – pick it up at your local Barnes & Noble. I know I’ve spent six dollars on worse things.

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J.Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

J.Crew has finally put up some high-res images from their lookbook for fall. It looks like you can pre-order these items, and I would guess that their seasonal rollout will start getting to stores later this month.

See previously: J.Crew Fall/Winter 2010 Presentation. Secret Forts had some extra scans up as well.

Also new is a video from the presentation where they highlight a jacket made from blue tweed – an unusual fabric today that was more common decades ago (it’s easy to find vintage J.Press jackets made with it in fact, along with other unusual patterns).

And in other J.Crew news:

– it was announced today in WWD that J.Crew will be working with Imogene + Willie, a high-end line based out of Nashville. Read more on imogeneandwillie.blogspot.com.

– browsing their website today, you might notice that J.Crew has added a new chat feature where you can talk with sales specialists – this is a great idea and will be very convenient to get answers right away instead of having to call. Look for the “chat now” button on the top right corner of the page to see if someone is available.

More companies should take advantage of these types of technologies if they have the resources and staffing available to do so.

Sunglasses, Rivington’s Revisted

Some obscure options from Japan.


On a side note, I’ve been wearing my Selima Rivington’s more often lately and I’ve come to appreciate their lighter weight compared my Persol’s – thinking I might like another pair in tortoise, I was surprised to see that J.Crew is now charging $75 more for them than they were a year ago. I don’t know the reason behind the increase, but it seems they were priced more competitively in sub $250 market as they’re better made than Wayfarers, but are not quite as good as Oliver Peoples.


J.Crew x Warehouse Denim

The new Warehouse jeans made for J.Crew are finally available for sale and come in two versions, Lot 484 (a slim tapered model) and Lot 700J (a traditional straight leg model with a cinch back buckle). Unlike the usual raw states that you find them in, these look like have already gone through a rinsing process to take the initial shrinkage out.

I was originally looking forward to getting a pair of the 484 version back when they were due to arrive in spring, but with fall/winter shipments starting in just a few weeks I will probably wait until next year before buying any more jeans.


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