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Ribbon Belts – Part 1


Review: J.Crew Gingham Utility Shirt

I’ve had J.Crew’s latest utility shirt for about two weeks now and I’m pretty happy with the purchase so far. The gingham fabric is a linen/cotton mix and it’s been great in the warmer weather that Seattle is finally getting.

When I first received the shirt I was also surprised by the detailing that J.Crew put into it, which are comparable to the same details found in work shirts made by companies like Engineered Garments and RRL.

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J.Crew Late Spring Arrivals

J.Crew just updated its website with new arrivals, some of which is already available in their stores. My favorites are the utility shirts and the shawl collar fleece deck jacket, and other interesting items include the King of Vintage book (see my previous post), an inexpensive canvas tote, and this nautical inspired tie bar.

The catalog cover for June is also pretty good for once, and it has a sort of Monocle style photoshoot look to it.


J.Crew’s New Vintage Field Watch


Spring Sales

Brooks Brothers has started its Friends and Family sale today – use code friend98 for 25% off at checkout. Some highlights: ribbon belts, clunky Black Fleece double-monks, and the interesting Black Fleece fragrance for men.

J.Crew has also added new items to their spring sale: it wouldn’t be a bad time to pick out shorts if you needed any.

And lastly, Rugby marked down some of their inventory 25-50% as part of their insider sale.

Update: J.Press starts their sale tomorrow on May 7th. Use code PSMAY10 for 25% off at checkout.


J.Crew New Arrivals for May

J.Crew did a quiet rollout this evening of some new items for summer. My favorites are these sun faded sweatshirts and just about all of the madras shirts. There are also many new Mister Freedom pieces (those handkerchiefs will go fast), and the lobster claw belt is finally online along with another nautical inspired whale tail belt.

The only thing that’s missing that I was looking forward too are the special Warehouse jeans, but hopefully those will show up within a few weeks.

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Review: J.Crew’s Rustic Shawl Collar Cardigan

After hunting around for one in a few different stores with no luck, I ended up ordering J.Crew’s new shawl collar cardigan which they described as being made from “rugged cotton” with a “chunky” knit (sounds like something from Free & Easy right?). The cardigan I received did not really live up to its copy though – it’s actually very lightweight and the knitting is not that chunky. The only thing they did right on it were the nice Corozo nut buttons.

I can think of a couple good scenarios that it would be nice to have a light cardigan like this, but I don’t really live any of those out (so back to the store it goes). Recommendation: Don’t buy.

I should have really just ponied up for Albam’s version when they were still in stock.


Day Off Style

Engineered Garments Kendall jacket (looks like a Baracuta G4), J.Crew cashmere crewneck and button down shirt.

J.Crew’s Sun Faded Oxford Shirts

J.Crew just put up these great looking sun faded oxford shirts on their website and are available in an assortment of pastel colors. I haven’t seen them in store yet, but I’d be interested in how they compare to the vintage oxford shirts that they used to sell (which had gone through an extra washing process and featured frayed edges).

They’re also available in a pen stripe pattern.

J.Crew New Arrivals for April

There are some new arrivals on jcrew.com this evening, including some great stuff for warmer weather. The more interesting item that showed up is a serious leather bag from a New York based company called Wexler & Co. who have a very Filson-like motto: “the best is good enough.” If I ever need to retire my Barbour weekender, I might just give this one a shot.

Wexler & Co Type II bag for JCrew
The other new bag is one from the UK company Brady, which has specialized in making gear for the field for a very long time.


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