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Tag: Kiton

Fall/Winter Wools

Kiton has a great selection of fabrics up on their site as part of their made-to-measure program for Fall/Winter (the blue herringbone is probably my favorite of the bunch). They just recently acquired a mill from Carlo Barbera as well.


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A Look Inside Kiton and Turbull & Asser

Simon Crompton has been writing some wonderful pieces lately – first is an article for Rake about the people behind Kiton, and another one on the inner workings of Turnbull & Asser’s custom shirt program.

The Rake: Inside the world of Kiton

Kiton is unique, an anomaly. It is a family. While many European companies can claim that, with Kiton it is pervasive. From the history, to the management, to the obsessive business model that maintains control over everything.

Factory visit: Turnbull & Asser shirts

When a new customer’s measurements arrive at the Gloucester factory they are entered into CAD (computer-aided design) system. David Gale’s team at Bury Street in London sends in old-fashioned paper patterns. New York sends measurements by email. There isn’t much advantage to either, but those from America certainly get to Gloucester quicker (particularly given Britain’s striking postal service)…


Kiton Fabrics

From kiton.it.

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