Simon Crompton has been writing some wonderful pieces lately – first is an article for Rake about the people behind Kiton, and another one on the inner workings of Turnbull & Asser’s custom shirt program.

The Rake: Inside the world of Kiton

Kiton is unique, an anomaly. It is a family. While many European companies can claim that, with Kiton it is pervasive. From the history, to the management, to the obsessive business model that maintains control over everything.

Factory visit: Turnbull & Asser shirts

When a new customer’s measurements arrive at the Gloucester factory they are entered into CAD (computer-aided design) system. David Gale’s team at Bury Street in London sends in old-fashioned paper patterns. New York sends measurements by email. There isn’t much advantage to either, but those from America certainly get to Gloucester quicker (particularly given Britain’s striking postal service)…