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Tag: Paul Stuart

Summer Madras

A vintage Paul Stuart tie with a linen fedora and pocket square from Engineered Garments. When I have the time later, I’ll take a few more shots of the tie which has an exceptionally thick lining – they sure don’t make them like this anymore.

The Regimental Tie

My first real tie was a vintage Paul Stuart regimental in the classic red and navy stripe pattern, which I happened to come across again this last weekend when organizing a few old boxes. Pictured below on the left, I remember wearing this thing almost daily and it went through a lot with me as if it were a close friend. The edges and tip are now frayed, and dyes from the silk will rub off into your hands and shirt if handled too much. Long since retired, it was somehow spared the fate of a trash can which is really where it belongs.

The tie’s particular pattern left a lasting impression on me though, and to this day it’s still my favorite.

Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren
Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren
Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren

Paul Stuart’s Shawl Collar Knitwear

Paul Stuart always has some of the best knitwear on the market and they often use the top UK firms to produce them. I’m hoping that they’ll still have these two in stock when I’m in Chicago early next year.

Paul Stuart Shawl Collar Sweater Paul Stuart Shawl Collar Cardigan

Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole Fall 2009

Paul Stuart has begun to update their site with fall merchandise and everything looks great as usual. There are some more additions of lower cost suits around the $1500 mark as well, which never seemed to show up on their site in previous seasons.

Some of the styling on the Phineas Cole collection continues to be bizarre however – who is their customer for this line? The mid-century British dandy vibe is interesting, but not very wearable.

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