Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole Fall 2009

Paul Stuart has begun to update their site with fall merchandise and everything looks great as usual. There are some more additions of lower cost suits around the $1500 mark as well, which never seemed to show up on their site in previous seasons.

Some of the styling on the Phineas Cole collection continues to be bizarre however – who is their customer for this line? The mid-century British dandy vibe is interesting, but not very wearable.

Paul Stuart Fall 2009 Looks

ps_fw09_look_01 ps_fw09_look_02

ps_fw09_look_03 ps_fw09_look_04

ps_fw09_look_05 ps_fw09_look_06

Phineas Cole Fall Looks

pc_fw09_look_01 pc_fw09_look_02

pc_fw09_look_03 pc_fw09_look_04

pc_fw09_look_05 pc_fw09_look_06

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