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Seattle Woolen Mills

Seattle Woolen Mills
Seattle Woolen Mill Co. interior, showing warp dresser (the company is long gone). Photo taken circa 1905, from the UW digital collections.

A warp dresser was the job of someone who’s duties were to prepare and manage the worsted threads for weaving.

The 747 Turns 40

From the LA Times:

It was the kind of plane that seemed to fit the swinging go-go days with martini-swigging travelers lingering around a bar.

First-class passengers dressed in their Sunday best made their way up a spiral staircase to get to the “flying penthouse,” harking memories of private rail cars.

It seemed the epitome of plushness when it made its first commercial flight 40 years ago today. A Times reporter described the cabin as a “luxurious auditorium some genie had wafted aloft.”

Boeing Co.’s 747 was not only the biggest plane that anyone had ever seen before — it was nearly three times larger than the largest jet flying at the time — it transformed travel in a way that few have.

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Pictures like these just seem like staged press photos nowadays, but during the golden age of commercial flying people really did get dressed up.

And here’s another photo of the 747 being rolled out a hangar in Everett, WA.


Steve McQueen on 35mm

For the Seattle folks, our art museum will be hosting a series of Steve McQueen’s best movies over the next few months in the Plestcheeff Auditorium downtown. The first film, The Great Escape, will be shown tomorrow night.

More info on SAM’s website.


Local Maritime Reading

From Three Sheets NW, an interesting boating blog I just came across.

Sailor pins literary hopes on sexy women of maritime

A few years back, Kim Carver was working on commercial ships and looking for a way to finance the publication of her fledgling maritime magazine.

Though she worked in the traditionally male-dominated maritime industry, the Northwest native realized she was routinely crewing alongside women who were not just strong and accomplished, but downright sexy.

Taking a cue from the countless steamy calendars of firefighters, cheerleaders and other objects of desire, Carver rounded up some of her female friends working in the maritime industry around Seattle and photographed them in various stages of undress, on ships and in other locations.

And soon, the Sexy Women of Maritime Calendar was born.

That beautiful watch? It’s best left ashore

The next day, when I was able to keep it down, I ate breakfast with extra toast and coffee. Joe sat across from me, slowly sipping from his cup, his grey eyes boring holes into me, “Mate,” he said, “expensive jewelry is best kept in a drawer or on a cup hook. It doesn’t belong on a working vessel.” I slowly nodded my head – a lesson finally learned.

Today when I come aboard I remove the one good watch I own (a gift from my beautiful wife) and reach into the mahogany box. In there are three or four old, slightly beat-up Timex watches; none of them cost me more than $16.00. As long as the battery is good they keep excellent time (actually much better than I remember the Rolex ever did) and if lost due to my fumbling, there’s another close at hand.

Ballard Farmer’s Market – Week of Christmas

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Winter Morning Errands @ Pike Place Market

December is almost here and the Pike Place Market has started to put up the usual Christmas trees and garlands. If you’re out for dinner in the area, it’s a fun time to walk through the market at night during this time of the year to look at all of the lights.

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The Field House – Blackbird’s New Shop

I took a short trip up to Ballard this morning to check out Blackbird’s fun new shop called “The Field House”. Along with their selection of Woolrich, Filson, and RRL, they’re also selling locally crafted goods and small vintage items. Read on to see more pictures.

5465 Leary Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

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A Short Walk Through SoDo

(other things I saw this morning)

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A Fall Morning @ Pike Place Market

When shopping at the Pike Place Market, it’s generally best to show up in the early morning.  After that, you’ll be trying to get through crowds of tourists.

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Jack Straw

Possibly the best men’s clothing store in Seattle right now is a small shop down on 1st Avenue called Jack Straw, which opened last year.  It carries excellent selections from a number of high end fashion lines, as well as clothing from more traditional makers.

1117 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Website: http://www.jstraw.com/
Blog: http://jackstrawclothing.blogspot.com/


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