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Citynoise.org – Old and New Urban Photography

I was just shown this interesting photography site where users upload pictures of their city environments. Major spots are covered, like Seattle and Chicago, and there are some great sets showing older photos from decades ago (like these for NYC in 1942, part 1 and part 3). Good stuff.

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Shopping for Military Surplus Packs

From the Federal Army & Navy Surplus store on 1st Ave in Seattle.

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On Curling

I recently had the opportunity to try out curling for the first time, the sport where teams of players attempt to slide and position 42 pound granite stones in a certain way over ice. Going into it I had some misgivings, but it ended up being a lot of fun and there is quite a [...]

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A Centennial Celebration

Spotted hanging over the piers this weekend in Seattle – the stars and stripes. Turns out that the big General Construction Company was celebrating their centennial, and even put on a nice fireworks display last night. I like their style.

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British Film Noir and Japanese Woodblock Prints

For the local folks, the Seattle Art Museum will be hosting a series of some classic British Film Noir movies starting in April. More info. In 1977 SAM presented Seattle’s first American film noir series. This spring, in our town’s premiere British film noir voyage, we visit the “Empire of Night,” where thrilling tales of [...]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I will be celebrating with Guinness Chocolate Mousse Cake.

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The First Espresso Cart in the U.S.?

This interesting photo came up on one of the blogs for the Seattle Times today. Taken in 1979, it supposedly shows the first espresso cart in the U.S.

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Inside the 787

A couple of weeks ago, Boeing invited journalists aboard one of the test flights for the new 787 and the Seattle PI has some pictures and a short video from the event. I can’t wait until the airlines start using these. Photo by Joshua Trujillo for the Seattle PI.

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Saturday Morning Style

Engineered Garments x Woolrich Woolen Mills x Belltown x Cherry Blossoms x Le Pichet x Pike Place Market

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UW Campus Day – 1921

Campus Day was an annual event from 1904 to 1934. Students and faculty worked together to clear land and improve the campus, with a break for a communal meal. University of Washington, 1921. Images from the UW digital collections.

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