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Wintertime @ Pike Place and Ballard Farmers Market

No snow here, just lots of rain.

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The Seattle Symphony, 1957

The Seattle Symphony performing with the Budapest String Quartet in 1957. View more in the LIFE photo archives.

A Rainy Fall Morning @ Pike Place Market

Woolrich Woolen Mills x Inis Meain Knitting Co. x J.Crew x Le Pichet x Pike Place Market x Rain


Local Delicacies

Ballard Honey is locally produced under unique arrangements: because the city limits the number of bee hives that a person can keep on a single lot, the Ballard Bee Company finds neighbors who are willing to host them in their backyards (or in the case of the Bastille restaurant, their rooftops). It is very clean tasting honey, and comes in a jar with an awesome label. Read more about it on Seattlest.

Made by a local food truck crew, bacon jam is a delicious concoction of meat and is also a great conversation starter. What is it, exactly?

we take a big bunch of really really good bacon, and render it down…add a bunch of spices..onions, etc..and let it simmer for about 6 hours…give it a quick puree, blast chill it…and you have bacon jam…

New jars are now labeled as “bacon spread” – it turns out that in order for these guys to sell it in stores, they cannot use the word “jam” to describe it (by law and in the eyes of the FDA, jam is very specific). Read more about bacon jam in T-Magazine.


Seattle’s Seafair festival has kicked off today and the PI has put up pictures from its archive showing off some history of the annual event, pirates included. The Torchlight Parade takes place tonight, and the air show and hydroplane races start next week.

“The 1950 P-I caption read: Stan Sayres’ Slo Mo Shun IV was put in to water Monday after a thorough going-over. In this photo, Anchor Jensen sits at the controls while Sayres looks on during motor tuneups at Jensen plant, Portage Bay.”

“Seafair Pirates burn two of King Neptune’s boats, a 136 former Navy ship and a 100-foot fishing tug to mark the end of the 1953 festival.”

“Sailors aboard the USS New Jersey at Pier 66, Seafair 1989.”

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Shopping for Summer Hats – Part 3

Not quite willing to buy one online yet, I instead stopped by Seattle’s only hat store – Byrnie Utz Hats. It’s been open since 1934 and the interior decor probably hasn’t changed much since. Brands carried: Borsalino, Stetson, Dobbs, Christys, Scala, and many many more.

After about spending an hour in the store trying on and comparing panamas, I picked out one – a Stetson. (next post)

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Seattle Cheese Festival 2010

The annual Cheese Festival is taking place this weekend in the Pike Place Market. Come by and try some local and international cheeses (for the adventurous, there will be some experimental samples as well). More info seattlecheesefestival.com.

(picture taken early this morning)

Elliott Bay Bookstore’s New Home

The Elliott Bay Book Company moved to a new store location up on Capitol Hill and opened up just a few days ago. It feels pretty much the same as the old place but is much more open.

Address: 1521 10th Avenue, between Pike and Pine. Everyday Music is right next door.

The new spot was once the location of the original Ford truck service center for Seattle.


BBQ Competition

My morning errands at the Pike Place Market unexpectedly started out with BBQ today, where dozens of teams setup some stands to compete in an annual competition. Events will go on throughout the day if you’re in the area and want to stop by.


Citynoise.org – Old and New Urban Photography

I was just shown this interesting photography site where users upload pictures of their city environments. Major spots are covered, like Seattle and Chicago, and there are some great sets showing older photos from decades ago (like these for NYC in 1942, part 1 and part 3). Good stuff.


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