For those of you who happen to be in Osaka, the Nepenthes store is hosting an “Engineered Garments Special Week” [more info on Honeyee] and they’ll also be showing off the new Engineered Garments x Mark McNairy shoe line. The tall wingtip boots that I’m interested in will be priced at 68,250¥ (which is not too bad…).

Engineered Garments x McNairy Boots
And here’s a recap of stores with an online presence that have received SS10 goods in from Engineered Garments and Woolrich Woolen Mills. It can get difficult to keep tabs on all of this, so I hope this will help you in tracking down a certain piece that you’ve been looking for.

Engineered Garments

Woolrich Woolen Mills

Engineered Garments FWK (for women)

There are a few that I’m missing, but I’ll update this post later.  Note that I regularly post new things as they show up online on my twitter account.