I wear Indy boots frequently and the pair I’ve owned is a special makeup for Leather Soul that features full leather linings and commando soles – they’ve now seen about two years worth of wear. They’ve traveled to several different continents, saved my feet quite a few times, and have only needed to be repaired once (my heel got caught in a piece of machinery that nearly pulled the entire sole off – thankfully the goodyear welt made it easy to fix). Because I depend on and wear them so much, I decided to order another pair to rotate between them.

On my boots, I’ve switched out the flat waxed laces that Alden includes with regular work/hiking boot laces. They’re far more reliable than the waxed laces, which tend not too last very long under my kind of wear and tear and their bright yellow color will quickly turn brown as soon as they start to absorb the oils from the leather (such as how the laces look on the used pair).

These have never been polished, and I’ve only applied leather conditioner twice. Shoe trees are used only when I have a pair lying around, and they’re otherwise not really fussed over.

A view of the commando soles on the used pair. They’ve held up very well after two years, but I will probably have them sent off to get replaced soon.

They’re easily the best shoe purchase I’ve ever made.