The latest batch of Filson x Levi’s goods were put out for sale today and I walked down to the flagship store here in Seattle to see them in person. Some thoughts and observations:

– My favorite from this set is the sawtooth shirt made from dry finish tin cloth and oil finish tin cloth for the yokes and underside of the collar. Unusual for a Filson, it fits very slim all around (sleeves, armholes, chest, everything) – if you intend to wear it as a shirt jacket, you might want to size up.

– The hunting vest is great in its own quirky way. Slim fitting and made with a heavy denim, it is covered with pockets inside and out – size up if you’re going to wear it over a jacket.

– The tin cloth pants in the 505 cut are also interesting, but not enough for me to buy them. I wonder why they didn’t make 501’s instead? It seems like it would have been the obvious choice, but maybe that will come in a later round.

– The hunter trucker jacket is an odd combination. I didn’t try it on.

A view of the layout Filson has for the collection when you first walk into the store:

At home with the sawtooth shirt. Filson’s tin cloth, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a strong durable fabric that is both wind and water resistant and is great for colder months – unfortunately it’s still summer and I won’t be able to wear it for at least another month or so, but at least that will give me some time to break it in.

A view of the oil finish tin cloth used under the collar and on the yokes. The choice of two fabrics provides a nice contrast.

Made in the USA.

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