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The Ivy Look

A copy of The Ivy Look finally arrived last week and I’ve been studying it continually since. The authors describe it best from the forward: Think of this book as Ivy League: The Director’s Cut. An entirely personal edit of what we consider to be the very best bits – the main styles, the sharp [...]

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The Last Gentleman Adventurer

It’s been published for some time now, but I finally got around to reading through “The Last Gentleman Adventurer” by Edward Beauclerk Maurice. In the book, the author recounts his experiences as an apprentice working for the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Canadian Arctic during the 1930′s. The most memorable passages are about his everyday [...]

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Victorian Era Style, 1872

A selection of illustration plates found in the “Gazette of Fashion and Cutting-Room Companion”, a tailoring trade journal published during the 19th century in London. [Google Books]

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My Rugged 211

My Rugged 211 is a new book out in Japan by Minoru Onozato, the chief editor of Free & Easy, and it is essentially a visual reference guide to about 200 pieces of “rugged” clothing and gear from his own collection. Examples include well worn boots, some obscure military jackets, and a selection of surprising [...]

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Reviews for The Ivy Look

A new book called The Ivy Look was recently published over in Europe and reviews are starting to show up on the web. From the Trad: JP Gaul and Graham Marsh have make it their own again and this time they’re inviting everyone. The Ivy Look, like Take Ivy, is an appreciation of what many [...]

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The Call of the Wild Illustrations

Found after a long search: a special illustrated version of The Call of the Wild by Kyuzo Tsugami. First published in 1965, the book has a number of both color paintings and black and white drawings of scenes from the classic short novel – copies are hard to come by, but are luckily not expensive [...]

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Twain Says What He Meant

The NYTimes has an article on the upcoming first volume of the autobiography of Mark Twain. The papers have been locked away for the past 100 years (previously only being available to researchers) and were recorded in the last four years before his death in 1910 – instead of writing it himself, he paid someone [...]

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Take Ivy Reissue Previews

Previews of the translated Take Ivy reissue are now showing up on the web from some lucky folks who were able to get their hands on advance copies, The Trad being one of them (they also talked him into doing a quick youtube video for it too – nice shirt tintin). In addition, powerHouse books [...]

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King of Vintage

Rin Tanaka’s latest book “King of Vintage” documents part of the collection owned by Heller’s Cafe, a local dealer of very old clothing. Over two hundred items are shown, covering everything from sport uniforms to motorcycle jackets. Get it from, Self Edge, or your local Kinokuniya book store. Update 5/19: Men’s Mentore has some [...]

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Steve McQueen’s Dark Side

The Times Online has an edited extract from a new Steve McQueen biography that is due out next month, which will focus on the actor’s rough background. Steve McQueen was the last person in the world I expected to find in Cornwall. He’d arrived some time in the night at a house that the director [...]

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