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The Playboy Cartoon Album, Revisited

This post will be mostly safe for work. From an earlier post for reference – I had forgotten I had it until this weekend when I attempted to organize a few stacks of books I had lying around. Not all of the comics in the book are adult themed, and many focus on current events [...]

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Spring Inspirations – Yosemite

From the cover of Yosemite in the Sixties, by Glen Denny.

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Spring Inspirations – Motorcycles Et Cetera

Above: Images from Harley-Davidson, Books of Fashions 1910s-1950s by Rin Tanaka. Above: Images from Men’s File, Issue 2.

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Men’s File

This is the magazine that you’ve always wanted. Read more about it on Available at Self Edge (where my copies were purchased) and Oi Polloi.

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Take Ivy to be Reissued?

Thanks to Bill for pointing me to this preorder listing for Take Ivy on Amazon, which looks to be a reissue of the rare book. The details are still sparse, but if true it’s about time! (now suddenly watch the insane resale market for old copies plummet) It’s also interesting to note that the listing [...]

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Rogue’s Gallery Illustrations

Not that Rogues Gallery, though the name did catch my eye when I was skimming through shelves at one of my local used bookstores this weekend. Published in 1969 by Edgar Parker, the children’s book has some fun illustrations that I couldn’t pass up.

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Shackleton’s Whisky

It was recently reported that a team sponsored by Whyte & Mackay had recovered several cases of whisky left behind by Shackleton and his crew in Antarctica (they will apparently try to recreate the particular batch found). The fascinating story led me to spend part of this last week reading Shackleton’s book on his retelling [...]

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All About Coffee and its History in Old New York

For the coffee snobs, here is a remarkable book on the subject of the drink written in 1922. Topics include its history in different regions from the time, coffee preparation and techniques, chemistry, and industry information. Despite its age, much of the knowledge is still current. From the foreword: Civilization in its onward march has [...]

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Tie Your Own Flies

Published in 1966, this book was sold to my father at Patrick’s Fly Shop in Seattle for $3.95. He learned all he needed to know about fly tying from it, and 30 years later I picked it up and did the same exact thing. Hopefully in 30 years the book will still be in usable [...]

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Maya Lin – Systematic Landscapes

From the Henry Art Gallery’s exhibition page: Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes was an exploration of landscape, in which the artist translated existing natural formations into a series of wall-mounted sculptures and large-scale installations. In all of these works there is a constant rethinking of what a landscape is and how we see and relate to [...]

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