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The Bespoke Driving Suit

Photographer and author Lara Platman recently posted an interesting gallery of pictures showing Marek Reichman being fitted for a vintage inspired driving suit made by Henry Poole & Co. The jacket and matching plus fours are definitely unusual, as are the details you can see built into the jacket, but they will not be out of place when he is wearing them at the Goodwood Revival where it is custom to dress up in period clothing (no modern cars allowed). More information is available in a post on her blog and on the design of the jacket:

The pockets contain leather dividers for spark plugs, tyre pressure gauge and spanners along with a pocket for the oily rag have all been specially placed within the suit…

Very appropriate for the Director of Design at Aston Martin. Also noteworthy – Lara Platman has a new book out on Harris Tweed which I first learned about through James at 10engines. I have a copy on the way from Amazon and hope to do a short review on it later this week.

Goodwood Revival, 2010. Photo by Peter Barwick.

RRL Online

Ralph Lauren is now apparently selling RRL online (a great lookbook is available too) – the website is difficult to navigate, but I found that searching for ‘RRL’ on the regular site brings up an easier interface. While some signature pieces are missing, this is great news for fans and maybe the company will lessen restrictions on stockists who in the past were not allowed to post pictures online.


Ralph Lauren at the Double RL Ranch

I finally found a video of the full interview that Ralph Lauren did for Oprah this last spring and while some of the narration is a bit soft in a few parts, it is very inspiring. Several great views of the picturesque Double RL Ranch are shown as well, and in another related video there is footage shot from a small aerial drone by Oprah’s production crew.

Filson and Levi’s, Part 2

The latest batch of Filson x Levi’s goods were put out for sale today and I walked down to the flagship store here in Seattle to see them in person. Some thoughts and observations:

– My favorite from this set is the sawtooth shirt made from dry finish tin cloth and oil finish tin cloth for the yokes and underside of the collar. Unusual for a Filson, it fits very slim all around (sleeves, armholes, chest, everything) – if you intend to wear it as a shirt jacket, you might want to size up.

– The hunting vest is great in its own quirky way. Slim fitting and made with a heavy denim, it is covered with pockets inside and out – size up if you’re going to wear it over a jacket.

– The tin cloth pants in the 505 cut are also interesting, but not enough for me to buy them. I wonder why they didn’t make 501’s instead? It seems like it would have been the obvious choice, but maybe that will come in a later round.

– The hunter trucker jacket is an odd combination. I didn’t try it on.

A view of the layout Filson has for the collection when you first walk into the store:

filson_levi_2_1 Read more

Ebbets Field Flannels

Now working out of Pioneer Square, I’ve taken an interest in exploring more of the quiet parts of the neighborhood beyond 1st Avenue and on one of the side streets just north of the stadiums I found the store for Ebbets Field Flannels – the maker of historical reproduction sports jerseys, hats, and jackets.

I stopped by last week to check it out and I was impressed by the quality of what it sells as well as the background story behind each piece (the employees are very knowledgeable, and I’m sure it helps to be a sports nerd here). Despite an unassuming storefront and a location that would be easy to miss unless you walked right by it, a small but steady stream of customers were coming in and out during my visit, including many fathers out with their sons.

Some shots from the store – a selection of its famous wool flannel baseball jerseys:

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Men’s File – Issue 5

The latest issue of Men’s File is now available. Along with the usual pictures of clothing, cars, motorcycles, and women, this issue has a great photo spread done on the Double RL ranch and a short piece on the Parisian Apaches.

mens_file_5_1 Read more

Wesco Boots

Wesco, an Oregon based boot making company, has a series of short videos on Vimeo showing parts of its manufacturing process along with its recrafting and custom fit services. I’m hoping to take a trip down there next spring to get measured for a pair of Boss boots.

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2011 Video

Created by Anna Victoria Best, who also took part in a series of themed shoots showcasing a selection of the pieces.

Engineered Garments FW11 Early Arrivals

Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2011 Early Arrivals
The first shipments for fall from Engineered Garments are now getting to stores both in the U.S and Japan:

– If you’re in Seattle, Jack Straw received Bedford jackets in navy wool serge and brown corduroy, shawl collar vests, and 19th century button down shirts. (I snapped the picture of them above)
Context just uploaded pictures of its first shipment including fair isle knit ties, a duffle jacket, and a few jersey pieces.
– The Nepenthes NYC store blog also has pictures of several new pieces and some updated versions of older designs (notably the upland vest).
– Update: Inventory now has a selection of field parkas, Bedford jackets, fair isle knit ties, and floral pieces.

Other great Japanese stores and resources that have received shipments: Engineered Garments Tokyo, Remix, Silver & Gold, Kink, and Dice & Dice.

More items too appear later…

Barbour Fall/Winter 2011

Pictures of Barbour’s fall/winter collections are now showing up online through its retail partners – aside from the classic pieces and a few of the new designs, most of it is very ho hum or generic and it feels like the design teams forgot what makes Barbour Barbour. At first glance, some of the knitwear looks great, but why would they feel the need to attach logos? Then there are the printed items, like this version of the explorer bag which looks like a Paul Smith rip-off. And the Steve McQueen collection is just as tacky as it was at Pitti.

The better looking items to keep an eye out for: the Pegasus jacket (a modified version of the Ursula jacket design), the fair isle patterned scarf and gloves, and the Melrose cardigan (assuming they didn’t stick Steve McQueen somewhere on it). Some of the shirts are also promising, just look for the slim fit versions if you can find them.

Barbour Fall Winter 2011 Pegasus Jacket and Melrose Cardigan

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