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Drake’s Cardigans, Inspired by Steve McQueen

I was looking around for alternatives to J.Crew’s cashmere shawl collar cardigan this morning when I came across these from Drake’s of London.

Steve McQeen Inspired Cardigans from Drake's of London

More info:

We’d been musing about the shawl-collared cardigan ever since we saw William Claxton’s marvellous photo book of Steve McQueen. There’s a series of casual shots taken in Big Sur, with McQueen wearing a stylish navy version of this cardigan with jeans and suede chukka boots. Casual elegance takes on new meaning.

We decided to revive this classic sweater with all its panache of an unconstructed jacket, but with a tad more comfort and versatility. Modesty no virtue, we’ve actually improved on the McQueen version, or any other for that matter. We believe our cardigan to be the veritable cynosure of this iconic sweater: finest four-ply ribbed cashmere, five braided British tan leather buttons, two front pockets, classic raglan shoulders, and a knitted cashmere throat loop closure. The shawl collar, need we add, is a paragon of discriminating design.


Steve McQueen in the WSJ

The WSJ just published an article on Steve McQueen’s continuing influence on menswear that’s worth a read: Fashion Channels the Steve McQueen Mojo

Steve McQueen died in 1980. Today, he is a rising star in menswear.

Dolce & Gabbana has created a line of $285 T-shirts decorated with pictures of the 1960s and ’70s star for spring, building on the success of a limited-edition line in spring 2008. Thom Browne, a designer known for his extremely fitted clothing, cites Mr. McQueen’s look in “The Thomas Crown Affair” as an inspiration. Pictures of Mr. McQueen adorn the “mood” bulletin boards used in-house to inform J. Crew’s collections, says Frank Muytjens, head of men’s design. The retailer carries off-white, slim-fitting corduroy pants and Baracuta jackets like the ones the actor wore; it even styles outfits in its catalogs based on photographs of him.

I think that taking inspiration or even making replicas of what he wore is okay (see Real McCoy’s The Great Escape clothing line), but branding his name on everything like this is pretty naff.


The Thomas Crown Affair Suit, Revisited

Writer Wei Koh had a very nice article about Steve McQueen’s suits in The Thomas Crown Affair for a recent issue of Rake, and it’s available to view on their site: http://www.therakeonline.com/article_stevemcqueen.html. I think I’m going to have to sign up for a subscription soon, it just sucks that the cost is a bit steep.

I had some more pictures of McQueen in one of his three piece suits in this previous post.

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The Thomas Crown Affair Suit

Steve McQueen’s suit in The Thomas Crown Affair is probably one of the best ever shown in cinema.

Thomas Crown Affair Suit - 1
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The Cooler King’s Duffle Bag

Captain Hilts (played by Steve McQueen) carries a great looking military duffle bag in “The Great Escape”.

Great Escape Duffle Bag - 1
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