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J.Crew Spring 2010 is here!

J.Crew has just updated its website with new items for spring, and I’m sure more will be showing up soon. Along with some of the great looking shirts and pants, there are also new Quoddy ring boots, a distressed Mister Freedom military webbing belt, and another Superior Labor tote.

Superior Labor Tote - J.Crew
The tote, which I just ordered, was something that I had been waiting on after seeing it on Secret Forts months ago – the original model name on the Japanese sites is called “Tote Bag of the Man” and you can see more of it on Utility CoOp. I’ve been very happy with my 2way Engineer Bag, so I have high hopes for this one as well.

Superior Labor Tote Bag of the Man J.Crew
Expect more pictures and a review once it arrives!

J.Crew Men’s New Arrivals for December

J.Crew added a few new interesting items to their website last night: heavy cotton knits, footwear from Red Wing and Quoddy, and the Mulholland Master jacket from Mister Freedom.

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J.Crew’s Holiday Rollout has Begun!

New additions to their website this evening: shirts, sweaters, accessories, along with Bass Weejuns, a weekend bag from WANT Les Essentiels, and boots from Aigle. Their fairly large Christmas catalog is now available to view online as well.

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Holiday Knitwear

Intarsia sweater overload on RalphLauren.com this year.

It’s okay to have one or two of these types of sweaters in your wardrobe for wearing during the holiday season (they’re just as odd as madras jackets, white bucks, and critter chinos). I have this shawl collar cardigan from J.Crew that I had purchased on a bet, and it gets worn only a couple of times a year.


J.Crew Men’s New Arrivals for October

New items are now available on jcrew.com: thick low gauge sweaters, a velvet sportcoat, Belstaff jackets, Levi’s denim, and more.

The November catalog is now available online as well, but it’s not that great (same with the recent ones too). I miss the older catalogs when they were set in places like Paris or Prague, but I would assume they’ve long since cut out the spending for that kind of work.

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J.Crew’s Levi’s

Ever wonder what’s so special about those pricey Levi’s that J.Crew sells on their site? Nothing much really. They’re 501’s, based off the 1947 model (a slim straight leg), have covered rivets, a leather patch, and are made from selvage denim here in the USA. They’ve also already been rinsed and will not shrink much more than an extra inch in the wash.

If you want something close but do not want to spend that much money, just get the 501’s that are available on Levi.com. The fits are identical to the pair that J.Crew is selling down to the very same measurements (I have both to compare), and you can even buy them in a rinsed selvage version now as well for a little under $100. The major difference will only be the lack of a made in USA tag.

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Drake’s Cardigans, Inspired by Steve McQueen

I was looking around for alternatives to J.Crew’s cashmere shawl collar cardigan this morning when I came across these from Drake’s of London.

Steve McQeen Inspired Cardigans from Drake's of London

More info:

We’d been musing about the shawl-collared cardigan ever since we saw William Claxton’s marvellous photo book of Steve McQueen. There’s a series of casual shots taken in Big Sur, with McQueen wearing a stylish navy version of this cardigan with jeans and suede chukka boots. Casual elegance takes on new meaning.

We decided to revive this classic sweater with all its panache of an unconstructed jacket, but with a tad more comfort and versatility. Modesty no virtue, we’ve actually improved on the McQueen version, or any other for that matter. We believe our cardigan to be the veritable cynosure of this iconic sweater: finest four-ply ribbed cashmere, five braided British tan leather buttons, two front pockets, classic raglan shoulders, and a knitted cashmere throat loop closure. The shawl collar, need we add, is a paragon of discriminating design.


More September Arrivals from J.Crew

J.Crew just added a number of new items for fall to their online store. Most notable are the sweaters and outerwear pieces, including this Mister Freedom denim peacoat.

Jcrew Mister Freedom Denim Peacoat
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J.Crew Men’s New Arrivals for September

More great looking items for fall are up on J.Crew’s site today, along with the addition of the September catalog.  The plaid and tartan flannel shirts are interesting, and many of the sweaters from last year are back just in case you didn’t pick any up then.  Some of the other new items include Stan Smiths, a Rogues Gallery tote, and Red Wing work boots.

J.Crew Men's Catalog Cover September 2009 Read more

Review of the Mister Freedom Tote for J.Crew

I was a bit disappointed by the special Mister Freedom Mariners Tote that I received today from J.Crew. Overall it looks great, and the hand painted work is excellent, but I was let down by the quality of the bag itself which seems like one of the regular totes that they sell in their stores for about $60.

There’s nothing particularly good about it from what I can tell, and it does not compare well to my Filson, Superior Labor, or Engineered Garments totes. Even worse is that it has an unmistakable odor of an industrial strength laundry detergent that I would guess J.Crew used in washing it to give it a vintage look.

Unless you’re a die hard Mister Freedom fan, I recommend just buying a plain canvas tote from L.L. Bean or similar and painting it yourself. Read on if you’d like to see more pictures.

Mister Freedom Mariners Tote for J.Crew - 1
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